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The Great Dying Post-Apocalyptic Series


Things Like That Never Happen Here.

The townsfolk of Black Dog wrapped themselves in that sentiment like a security blanket. Being part of the tight-knit, small town shielded them from the horror that plagued the evening news.

And then something happened. It happened fast.

Two fishermen became ill after a day on Black Dog Lake. The mysterious virus that had an almost supernatural way of evolving began to spread. People got sick. People got violent. And then they died.

But the hunger that ravaged their bodies lived on.

The infected were considered the lucky ones. The cloudy film covering their eyes blinded them from the death of mankind. The survivors witnessed everything—the true value of life and the evil that lurked deep in the human soul. Each day the world darkened.

On the bright side, it would all be over in five days.

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If you have to ask yourself that question it’s going to be a bad day. 

A little over six months ago, a small town in North Carolina ceased to exist. The incident was presented to the media as a fertilizer plant explosion. The truth was much scarier.

ARMA, a secret, privately funded technology company, created a virus, Judas, for the purpose of marketing another product labeled “The End of War.” It was a smart bomb, no bigger than a lapel pin, aptly named the Judas Kiss. Head of ARMA, Tom Hendricks, chose a small town as a testing ground for the new weapon. The plan was to infect a small group of residents and unleash the bomb, which held pinpoint accuracy and eliminated the threat of innocent casualties. Hendricks’s pitch was that the bomb would eradicate the virus, and it would never spread from the small town.

He was wrong.

The virus is spreading throughout the United States. It comes on fast, and the effects are devastating. The world didn’t see the monster coming. The survival of Judas means the end of mankind. The only people who knew the inner workings of the virus are missing and presumed dead. The task of saving the world rests on the shoulders of newly appointed surgeon general, Dr. Quincy Warren. He has no idea what he is about to encounter.

The person standing next to you could be infected. In the beginning, there are no signs. Fine one minute, and tearing at your flesh the next. Death follows soon, but there is no eternal rest, just an insatiable hunger. It’s enough to ask yourself this question. Am I dead? 

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